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Schiffstouren auf Rhein und Mosel zwischen Bonn Köln und Loreley.

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 Mo 05.06.2017  Cruise to Cologne Zoo
Schiff: Moby Dick

Spend a day of your holidays at the Zoo in Cologne


Prices incl. Zoo and Aquarium:

Stopover in cologne from 11.15 until 15.10 !

Chartercruises for schools.




station Depart return
 Bonn Alter Zoll    09:30 18:00
 Mondorf   09:50 17:30
 Porz   10:50 16:20
fare: 29.00 EUR
childs: 18.00 EUR
 Mo 05.06.2017  
Schiff: Moby Dick
fare: 16.90 EUR
childs: 8.90 EUR
 Fr 09.06.2017  
Schiff: Moby Dick
fare: 46.00 EUR
 Mi 14.06.2017  Senior-Citizen-Afternoons
Schiff: Filia Rheni
Weitere Termine:
Mi 21.06.2017  Mi 28.06.2017

A colorful program with well-known songs , dance and "fun and games" Price with program (incl. 2 cups of coffee an 1 piece of apple-pie)From Bonn - River Ahr without land-leave.Departure: Bonn 14.00 - Arrival: 19.00You can reserve a lunch in advance.

station Depart return fare
 Bonn Alter Zoll    14:00 18:30   19.90
 Königswinter   14:50 18:00   19.90
 Fr 16.06.2017  Dreaming "Bonn"
Schiff: Poseidon

A Hommage to ours „Bonn ". But which would be it without our father Rhine?
Spend a few merry hours on board and spoil you body and soul.

Price incl. Lunch, Music and Entertainment.

On request : 
Departure Bad Godesberg
Departure Königswinter


station Depart return
 Bonn Alter Zoll    12:30 17:30
 Bonn-Bad Godesberg   13:10 17:05
 Königswinter   13:30 17:00
fare: 19.90 EUR
 Fr 23.06.2017  
Schiff: Moby Dick
fare: 89.00 EUR
 Sa 24.06.2017  Sundowner Lounge
Schiff: Filia Rheni

Enjoy out evening cruise with sunset on the river rhine.

fare: 15.00 EUR
 Sa 24.06.2017  
Schiff: Moby Dick
Nur noch wenige Restplätze, 
bitte schnell buchen.
fare: 89.00 EUR